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Methods of hunting consist of spot and stalk, hunting from ground blinds, tree stands and technique calling.

All shooting opportunities largely depend on individual hunter’s mobility, and shooting skills. We provide at least an average of 90% shooting opportunities. When pursuing the trophy class bull, the better physical shape the hunter is in increases the odds of taking the trophy.

Our ARCHERY hunts take place during the rut. Expect to hear bugling bulls during this time of the year! These hunts take place on private lands and in the Gila and Cibola National Forests, which have the reputation for producing “Boone and Crockett” bulls.

Our MUZZLELOADER hunts take place in the Gila and Cibola National Forests. Muzzleloader rifles of .45 cal. or larger, in-line muzzleloaders, and scopes are legal in New Mexico.

Our RIFLE hunts take place in the Gila National Forest, and on private land.

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