Disabled Veterans Hunting and Fishing License Policies

Disabled Veterans Hunting and Fishing License

Any veteran rated 100 percent service-connected disabled, qualifies for a free lifetime small game hunting and fishing license in the State of New Mexico.
Download: Application, Deer Hunting License


NM Dept of Game & Fish

Reduced-Fee Hunting & Fishing License for Disabled Veterans Any service-connnected disabled veterans—no matter what percentage their disability—can apply for a reduced-fee $10 small game & fishing license. For more information, visit http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/fishing/licenses-permits/discounts-exceptions/


Hunting Fee Discount for Non-Resident Disabled Veterans Undergoing Rehabilitation
Hunting licenses for deer, antelope, elk, javelina and turkey may be sold to non-resident disabled U.S. military members or veterans at NM resident license fee rates if the individual is undergoing a ehabilitation program utilizing hunting activities supported by the federal government or an authorized nonprofit organization.


Temporary Hunting and Fishing License for Active-Duty Military Personnel
Any active duty military personnel, National Guard or Reserve member who is a legally domiciled resident of New Mexico can apply for a temporary active-duty fishing or small game hunting license. Applicants must show proof of residency and not claim residency elsewhere. Applicants may also apply if they are on active duty outside the state but are currently on leave here in New Mexico for not more than 30 days.